Mariposa Scholarship

Learning to draw and paint involves learning to see, analyze, understand and interpret the world around us. It requires one to learn about geometry and perspective; the anatomy of plants, people, animals, mountains and buildings; the effects of light, atmosphere, gravity and motion. Learning to draw and paint well requires years of serious study, equivalent to that of music or academics, and enhances focus, awareness and perception, expanding our ability to learn other subjects and engage in other life-enhancing activities.
Art requires self-discipline, perseverance and stamina, but the rewards are limitless. Art creates life-long friendships with other artists and teachers, and has the power to forge strong bonds between people from disparate locations and life-circumstances. Art engenders curiosity and an engagement with the world and its people.  It  has the power to carry us beyond ourselves, breaking down the barriers of language, ethnicity, class and nationality.  It is for these reasons that I formed Art Ambassador for a Colorful World.
Art Ambassador for a Colorful World's mission is to make quality art instruction available to children and adults in areas of the world where access to art classes and museums is limited. We have provided art classes to children in China and Guatemala since 2011, and have plans to expand to other areas. 

We have awarded our first scholarship, of what we hope will be many, to Walter Sacarias Perez Lopez in Guatemala, enabling him to study with his mentor, Mariano Gonzalez Chavajay, a successful local artist. We thank Sherry Robin, of Xela Aid, for her help in making our first Mariposa Scholarship a reality. 

We have big plans to bring the benefits of art education to even more people in the future.