Art Ambassador For A Colorful World - Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe art has the power to change the world. It inspires individuals and brings together entire communities. Art Ambassador helps children and adults express their vision of the world through art. When children draw and paint, a creative spark is ignited. They are able to develop life skills like cooperation, confidence and leadership. Art provides a colorful retreat from everyday life bringing joy and laughter to kids and the communities that delight in them.

Who We Are

We are a global organization of Artist Ambassadors led by internationally recognized artist Kevin Macpherson, staff, supporters, and thousands of children sharing their joy in making the world a more colorful place and building communication across cultures the world over.

What We Do

We use art to engage kids in their education, to ignite their creative spark and to unite communities around their children. We also provide teacher education through lecture series in the countries where we work.

Where We Do It

Currently we are working in the U.S., Mexico, China and Guatemala with plans to expand to other areas in Central and South America and Southeast Asia.

How We Do It

Kevin Macpherson and his art ambassadors provide high quality, individualized art instruction and lectures. Their programs are designed to promote a love of learning, to ignite the spark of creativity, and to build community among the children and their villages. The lecture series and work with national governments and museums and institutions of higher learning are designed to build the local capacity for art instruction and appreciation as a community organizing force.